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Michal Pecánek: SaaS SEO Consultant

I help SaaS companies grow through SEO and content marketing.

Michal Pecánek

About me

I'm an SEO focused marketer with over 6 years of experience working and consulting for B2B SaaS companies.

My SaaS SEO consulting path started in March 2022 as a side gig. Since then, I've worked with ~10 companies ranging from early-stage startups to well-established players in marketing, sales, fintech, education and mental health niches.

Before going all-in on freelancing, I had 2 FT jobs at fast-growing global tech companies:

  • SEO & Marketing Educator at Ahrefs where I produced or directly managed 100+ pieces of content from start to finish. When I left in April 2023, the content drove over 60K organic traffic, fueling the product-led growth from ~$60M to $100M+ ARR during my time there.

  • Head of Marketing at CDN77 where I gained a lot of marketing and management experience beyond SEO. I helped the company double its ARR from $18M in 2017 to $37M in 2019.

I enjoy sharing my knowledge and experience in public. I'm most proud of creating a whole link building course and 3 other SEO modules for Digisemestr Online (Czech only, paywalled). I appeared in Perpetual Traffic, The Business Storytelling Show, or Growth Festival to give a few public examples in English.

I'm based in the Czech Republic, have a degree in Economics and Chinese Studies, and completed Mini MBA courses in marketing and brand management taught by Mark Ritson.

 SaaS SEO services

Here's how I can help you grow your ARR and add value to your marketing.

SEO strategy

Let’s improve your whole marketing funnel with organic traffic. We’ll develop the SEO strategy, set objectives and choose KPIs based on your existing research, strategy, tactics and available resources.

SEO audits & analyses

Keyword research, content audit, technical audit, link building opportunities analysis, you name it. I’ve done them all many times in multiple SaaS niches and beyond.

SEO execution & oversight

Timely execution hinders the success of many companies. I’ll own the SEO implementation and have things done within your workflows.

SEO coaching & mentorship

I’ll provide guidance to level up the knowledge and skills of your SEO, content, marketing or tech teams.

I price each project and cooperation individually. For your reference:

Monthly retainers and fees start at $2500

Project-based cooperations start at $7500

Consultations start at $500 (preparation + call)

Get in touch with me

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You can also contact me on my Twitter and LinkedIn profiles here:

  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
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