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SEO & Marketing Educator at Ahrefs
Freelance SaaS Marketing Consultant

Michal Pecánek

About Me

Michal Pecánek is an SEO focused marketer with over 6 years of experience working and consulting for B2B SaaS companies.

He works as an SEO & Marketing Educator at Ahrefs and provides SaaS marketing consulting services as a side gig.

Previously, Michal led a small marketing team at CDN77 where he gained a lot of experience beyond SEO. Besides speaking at multiple events, podcasts and webinars, he also created a whole link building course for Digisemestr Online.

Michal is based in the Czech Republic, has a degree in Economics and Chinese Studies, and learned the most about marketing from completing Mini MBA courses in marketing and brand management taught by Mark Ritson.

Get in touch

I'm happy to connect with you via my social profiles. Please note that my consulting capacities are currently full.

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